Career Coaching

Career Coaching

One of the more recent developments in the job search industry is the evolution of the career coach. We hear about coaches in the media, read about them in resume books, and even see them on TV! Five years ago, career coaching was an unknown profession. Today, job seekers are signing up for career coaching services at phenomenal rates because they recognize career coaching is no longer viewed as a luxury for the rich and famous; instead it is considered an essential and valuable resource for any job search campaign.

What Does a Career Coach Do?

By definition, a career coach is a trained professional (usually someone in the counseling and/or professional job search industry) who guides you through the complexities of skills assessment, job search planning, campaign development, career marketing, and long-term career management. Coaches offer clients career change advice and resources, tips for job interviews, salary negotiation assistance, brand building direction, and career advancement strategies.

What Can You Expect From Your Career Coach

Amazing Resumes u0026amp; Career Coaching Services offers customized career coaching sessions that engage, empower, and enlighten clients. We enhance career outcomes by turning personal and professional strengths into marketable solutions. We do this in a variety of ways.

  • We administer multiple assessments to identify personality, work style, interests, and strengths. Then we guide our clients to use the information to make informed career choices and decisions.
  • Together with our client, we develop action plans that identify goals and objectives and record actions taken to achieve those goals and objectives.
  • We motivate clients to get “unstuck” and move forward. One way we do this is by widening individual’s comfort zones to accept new ideas and suggestions.
  • We use various tools and resources to guide our clients through career transitions and highlight their strengths and value. These might include role-playing, research, document preparation, and personal branding.

The fee for career coaching is $90/hour. We also offer customized packages for groups. For more details, please contact Debbie at (443) 977-8381.

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