Interviewing & Salary Negotiations

Interview Coaching

If you are interested in exploring new career opportunities, advancing your career, or transitioning to a new career, eventually you will have to go through the interview process. Our certified career coaches understand that interviews are demanding and scary. We prepare our clients for interviews through role play, workshops, and one-on-one coaching. Instilling confidence and increasing your chances for successful and productive interviews is our goal.

“Debbie, I felt very prepared, and I was able to go into the interview with confidence.  To my own surprise, I was able to weave my experiences into answers and conversations.  It was pretty cool! I met with a total of 7 people.  I kept the 4 C’s in mind, which helped me have my own game plan u0026amp; feel in control.” Jenny L.

Interview Facts

Once a company or potential employer shows an interest in you and/or your resume, you will be asked to set up an interview. This is how the employer learns more about you and determines if you will be a good fit for the organization, position, and department. It is also a chance for you to decide if the company, position description, and culture will fulfill your needs.

There are many types of interviews: phone, in-person, Skype, one-on-one, panel, and meal. There can also be more than one type of interview for each position! Our career coaches help you navigate and prepare for any eventuality. We want you to be successful and understand that receiving a job offer depends on how well you interview. Creating a positive impression by showing your value in an interview is vital to the success of your job search.

“Thank you for the hour we spent reviewing interviewing skills.  It was very helpful.  I wrote notes and know how I need to prepare for my first interview.” Luanne W.

Some questions to think about before you interview:

  • What do you know about the company / position you are interviewing for?
  • What strengths or successes do you think the employer will most value?
  • What questions will they ask during the interview?

Our career coaches assist you to answer these questions and more before your interview. They share various techniques (such as role play) and helpful tips to update and improve your interview skills.

“Hello Debbie, Just an FYI.  I went on my second interview yesterday and it was a success!  I have a job now!  I just wanted to let you know.  You can take me off your list.  Like I said at your office, anyone that I know needs a job will definitely get recommended to you.”  Thanks again!!! Mike T.

For more information and to schedule an appointment for interview coaching, please contact us by phone at (443) 977-8381.

Salary Negotiations Coaching

Conventional wisdom for negotiating salaries states, “The first person to bring up the subject of salary is the loser.”
Negotiating your salary is an art that can be learned. Knowing what you want, need, and deserve in terms of compensation is not necessarily the same thing.
As with other types of career coaching, we teach our clients to understand the art of salary negotiation by looking at it from three perspectives – the client, the employer, and the industry.

You don’t want to alienate the employer by asking for a salary that is well beyond their budget and you don’t want to waste your time negotiating for a salary that doesn’t meet your minimum needs. You would like to negotiate a salary that recognizes your value, experience, and accomplishments.
Additionally, you must also be aware of and sensitive to industry benchmarks. Our career coaches provide tips, scripts, and resources on how to negotiate a win / win salary!

For more information about salary negotiations and to schedule an appointment with a career coach, contact us at (443) 977-8381.

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