Job Search & Networking

Job Search Coaching

There are many reasons that searching for a job or new position can be difficult. One reason is the economy; a second reason is the number of available job openings; a third reason is the caliber of your competition.

The certified career coaches at Amazing Resumes and Career Coaching Services are experts in the field of job search. We prepare our clients for major career opportunities and/or transitions using proven career coaching strategies. Personalized coaching tips, techniques, and exercises ensure our clients have the necessary skills, information and resources to be successful in their job search. We show our clients how to find careers / positions that are a good “fit” both professionally and personally.

Networking Coaching

Our certified career coaches understand that networking can be frustrating and frightening. We prepare our clients for major career opportunities and/or transitions by ensuring you have the networking skills, information and resources to instill confidence and increase your chances for success.

  • Networking is defined as an interaction with other people to build relationships, exchange information, and develop contacts, especially to further one’s career. There are many audiences to network with, i.e. online groups and individuals (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter), professional conference attendees, community and business association members.

Networking career coaching sessions cover a comprehensive range of topics and are tailored to meet individual needs. The first step is developing a networking strategy based on your needs, personality, audience, and venue.

  • SOCIAL SKILLS DEVELOPMENT – Our career coaches work with clients to acquire the necessary social skills for networking. Social networking skills can be learning to read or mirror body language or social cues, determining who to speak with and what to say in networking situations, or how to showcase your expertise in an unpretentious manner.
  • NETWORKING RESUME – Networking resumes are another resource in the job seeker’s toolbox. They are used for networking purposes and are usually no more than one page in length. Some job seekers use this type of resume instead of a biography.
  • NETWORKING / BUSINESS CARD – Today’s networking / business cards are a marketing “must have” for every job seeker. Amazing Resumes’ writers and designers develop networking / business cards that communicate professional brand and highlight top qualifications. These cards are designed to leave a memorable impression of who you are and what you can contribute. Whoever accepts your networking / business card will receive more than your name and title; they will obtain a unique snapshot that communicates your professional value.

If you would like to learn practical, adoptable, and functional networking strategies, please contact us at (443) 977-8381.

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