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Choosing A Resume Writer

What is the best way to select a resume writer? Do you choose a resume writer based on personal knowledge, referrals from friends and family, the writer’s reputation, subject matter expertise, or personal chemistry? If your choice involves more than one of the above criteria, how much weight do you assign to each before you make your decision?

Let’s examine your options to help you decide. First of all, consider the reasons you need a resume writer. Is it because you lack the time or experience to write the resume? Have you tried submitting your resume and received little or no interest? Many potential clients tell me they know what a resume should look like and the information it should contain. When I question them, I invariably receive responses such as “I want it to look good” or “these are my responsibilities.” Their ideas are almost always based on what they learned from university career centers or what someone else (not a professional resume writer) told them.

One common myth that continuously surfaces is that resumes should be one page in length. I agree that one page is logical for most new graduates who don’t have a great deal of work experience. However, for job seekers who have substantial experience and accomplishments, keeping their resume to a one-page format could hinder their appeal to employers. Remember it is all about value! If you cannot present your value to an employer in one page, then expand your resume to two or even three pages.

One of my favorite quotes belongs to Albert Einstein. He defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” When you approach a resume writer, open-mindedness and trust are two factors that should influence your decision. Listen to what the writer says, even if it goes against what you think you know. If you are not sure about the information’s accuracy, verify it online and speak with other experts. Read articles on resume writing and check out the writer’s reputation. Go to LinkedIn and review their clients’ testimonials and endorsements. Google their name to see if they have positive reviews and published articles. Read the content on their website and look at their resume samples.

As with any profession, you are purchasing someone’s expertise. Do you feel the writer is a subject matter expert? Does the resume writer have credentials / certifications? Do they belong to professional organizations and regularly attend conferences to stay current with employment and writing trends? And last but not least, do you like this person? Can you speak freely and do they listen to what you have to say?

Once you have researched the writer and made your final decision, do not be surprised at the cost. As with most things in life, quality comes with a price tag!

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