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Amazing Resumes & Career Coaching Services offers an extensive list of career coaching services that assist clients to move forward by making informed decisions about their career choices and direction.

Personal Branding 

Having a personal brand carries many benefits; increased visibility is one of them! When you project a positive image, options emerge that might otherwise be closed. Clients use personal branding to enhance their professional reputations, become seen as experts in their field, establish credibility and build trust. Every document produced in-house reflects client’s personal brands. These branded documents include resumes, cover letters, biographies, elevator pitches, and LinkedIn profiles.

Leadership Coaching

Robert E. Quinn, a management consultant at the University of Michigan stated that, “One key to successful leadership is continuous personal change.” “Personal change is a reflection of our inner growth and empowerment.” Our leadership coaches empower clients to make the personal and professional changes they need to grow and be successful. Some popular leadership topics are: career change, career advancement, management vs. leadership, and personal branding.

Job Search

There are many reasons that searching for a job or new position can be difficult. One reason is the economy; a second reason is the number of available job openings; a third reason is the caliber of your competition.

The certified career coaches at Amazing Resumes and Career Coaching Services prepare our clients for major career opportunities and/or transitions using proven job search strategies. Personalized job search tips, up-to-date information on the job market and economy, and proprietary job search strategies maximize our clients’ opportunities for POWERFUL RESULTS and UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES!

Career Change/Advancement

For those clients who are exploring new careers, transitioning into different careers, or looking for career advancement, we have the experience, expertise, and resources to help you develop and implement a strategic career plan. Career plans contain introspective and tactical elements such as how to identify and validate what is motivating you to change careers, how to set up informational interviews, or how to develop and utilize a support network.

Using authentic career assessments and one-on-one coaching, we work with clients to identify top skills, interests, and values. Results are analyzed and suggestions are given on how to identify, locate, and evaluate new career opportunities within or outside of existing workplaces.

Salary Negotiations

Conventional wisdom states, “The first person to bring up the subject of salary is the loser.” Negotiating your salary is an art that can be learned! We teach our clients to understand the art of salary negotiation by viewing it from different perspectives – the client, the employer, and the industry. You don’t want to alienate the employer by asking for a salary that is well beyond their budget and you don’t want to waste your time negotiating for a salary that doesn’t meet your minimum needs. You DO WANT to negotiate a salary that recognizes your value, experience, and accomplishments. Our career coaches will provide you with tips, scripts, and resources on how to negotiate a win/ win salary!


Networking coaching sessions cover a comprehensive range of topics and are tailored to meet individual needs. When working with a client our first step is to develop a networking strategy based on the client’s needs, personality, audience, and preferred method of communication (in-person, online, etc.). There are many audiences to network with, including online groups and individuals (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter), recruiters, other job seekers, professional conferences, and affiliations.

Interview Coaching

If you are interested in exploring new career opportunities, advancing your career, or transitioning to a new career, eventually you will have to go through the interview process. Our certified career coaches work with clients to acquire and refine the social skills that complement interviewing.

Some of these skills are:

~ Learning to read or mirror body language or social cues.

~ Responding to questions and presenting your expertise/accomplishments in a believable and authentic manner.

~ Participating in virtual interviews.

We know that creating a positive impression by showing your value in an interview is an essential element to a successful job search.

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