Executive Biography

A professional biography is a “branded” marketing document. Biographies contain personal and professional information about an executive’s character, accomplishments, career history, and values. Biographies are used for many purposes and audiences – Board of Directors, press releases, speaking engagements, membership applications, and internal communications.

Biographies range in length from one paragraph to one page. A biography’s purpose usually determines its length. An executive bio is the same as other executive marketing documents in that it has to communicate the individual’s authentic personal brand and value. The biography is usually written in third person.

It is important to know what type of material should appear in a biography. The bio should contain a short overview of “relevant” professional achievements together with personal information that creates an emotional bond with the reader.

When we mention “relevant” we mean that the biography should be directed towards a specific, targeted audience and the information presented should be relevant to the targeted audience’s needs. So if the bio is for a member of a Board of Directors, then the targeted audience might be internal or external stakeholders. If the bio is for a speaking engagement at a conference, then the audience could be conference attendees and/or the media.

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