Executive Resume, Cover Letter, Board of Director & Networking Resume

Personal Branding and Executive Resumes

Amazing Resumes develops executive resumes that are powerful branded documents that capture the complexity of the executive role and accompanying leadership attributes. As with all professional resumes, executive resumes are marketing tools that communicate personal brand, are targeted to potential employers’ needs, loaded with quantifiable accomplishments, and ATS-ready.

What an Executive Resume Writer Needs to Know

An executive resume writer works in a specialized field that requires in-depth knowledge of personal branding and executive capabilities together with outstanding resume writing and interviewing skills. Every aspect of an executive resume or leadership initiative document needs to communicate the client’s personal brand and highlight the executive job seeker’s Unique Value Proposition.

Connecting an executive’s achievements to an employer’s needs is a critical challenge for an executive resume writer. Understanding what employers are looking for and focusing on the value a client brings is a critical component of an executive resume.

Executive Resumes

Our resume writing service is successful because we do not prepare resumes based on templates or questionnaires. We take the time to interview our clients and probe deeply into their background and experiences. Targeted questions delve below the surface to elicit executive value propositions and accomplishments. Our questioning techniques lead to greater personal reflection and result in “amazing” documents!

Every resume is strategized, formatted, and written for maximum impact! Each resume contains keywords, quantifiable achievements, and branded profiles. Whatever an executive’s profession or industry, we create job search documents, including Board of Director resumes and networking resumes, that target career objectives, capture unique value, and describe bottom line benefits.

All the executive resume samples profiled on this site are strategic, branded, and achievement-based. Each of these resumes has proven to be a competitive document!

Executive Cover Letters

A well-written cover letter is a branded communication tool that complements the job seeker’s resume and generates additional interest. Effective cover letters target the position being applied to, provide a short synopsis of strengths and skills, and end with a “call to action.” Cover letters also provide an opportunity to add information missing or not included in the resume or to explain circumstances which could be perceived negatively, such as relocation, employment gaps, or disabilities.

All of the executive resumes we create include a reusable cover letter that is customized for each executive client. We highly recommend that the cover letter be personalized with an additional sentence or two for each recipient.


This type of resume is an additional resource for executives. Board of Director resumes are branded and include targeted qualifications, accomplishments, and experiences relevant to the specific company/ organization and industry. They include value proposition and relevant directorships, committees, and outcomes. It is advisable to also include prior experience working on or with Board of Directors.


As the name suggests, this type of resume is used for networking purposes. Most executives find new jobs through networking – not online job announcements. Networking resumes are usually one page in length and although they are branded documents their focus is on career accomplishments. The job seeker’s work history is condensed and the readability factor is high. This is a good opportunity to use charts, graphs, and colors!

For more information on branded executive documents, please contact us at (443) 977-8381 or debbie@amazingresumesmd.com.

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