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LinkedIn Services

LinkedIn Profiles for Executives

Today, more than ever, employers and recruiters use social media outlets such as LinkedIn to network with and recruit potential employees. They actively search for candidates among LinkedIn’s members by using keywords to find people with the necessary skills and qualifications. Another way they find future employees is through group postings, recommendations / endorsements, and referrals from other LinkedIn contacts.

We believe it is essential for every executive to have a branded presence on LinkedIn. Each LinkedIn profile we develop for our clients is authentic, branded, targeted, and optimized for keywords.

LinkedIn’s headline and summary are considered to be “prime real estate.” These two sections are heavily optimized with keywords and phrases because they come up first in search results! The summary is the best place to tell an executive’s story and the headline can be used as a tagline or slogan. Both sections showcase personal brand. It is worth noting that as of this writing, LinkedIn limits the length of the summary to no more than 2,000 characters and spaces and the headline to 120 characters and spaces.

At Amazing Resumes u0026amp; Career Coaching we write LinkedIn headlines and summaries that narrate each executive’s personal brand in their voice and words. Some questions we ask are:

  1. Who is your targeted audience?
  2. Who are you personally and professionally?
  3. What drives you?
  4. What talents and strengths make you successful?

It is important to remember that LinkedIn is a successful venue to communicate personal brand. After taking the time to define a brand, the job seeker needs to ensure it is viewed by their target audience. Visibility is increased by including a LinkedIn URL on the resume, cover letter, biography, business card, and electronic signature. We recommend posting updates on LinkedIn about your professional activities, subject matter expertise, and volunteer actions.

Sample LinkedIn Headlines (up to 120 characters and spaces)

  1. Sales u0026amp; Marketing Executive – Leading branded campaigns that deliver new business opportunities and revenue growth!
  2. Executive Resume Writer + Career Coach + Brand Strategist + LinkedIn Profile Creator = Your Formula for Success!

If you would like to receive more information about a personalized LinkedIn headline and summary, then please contact us at (443) 977-8381 or

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