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Amazing Resumes and Career Coaching’s resume distribution service is an effective way for managers and executives to convey their resumes to thousands of recruiters and employers in a short timeframe. If you are looking for a reasonably-priced service that will enable you to reach a very large audience of prospective employers and recruiters, then our executive recruiter resume distribution option is worth considering.

Subsequent to networking, recruiters are still one of the best options for identifying job opportunities. But it is important to know that recruiters are not hired by you, the executive job seeker. They work for the employer who pays them.

There are different kinds of recruiters, but most of them belong to one of two categories.

  1. Internal or In-House recruiters are employees of the company they represent and they are paid a salary by that company. Usually very large companies such as Xerox have in-house recruiters.
  2. External recruiters (aka headhunters, search consultants) are employed by recruiting or staffing agencies. Their job is to find the best job candidates to present to the employer. They are not usually in charge of the hiring process.

Working with a recruiter is usually “hit” or “miss” – and quite a few times it is “miss.” First of all, you need to identify recruiters who specialize in your geographic location, profession, industry, and professional level. Then you need to get your resume in front of them. This is not an easy task! One of the best ways to get your resume viewed by recruiters is by using our resume distribution service.

The executive resume distribution service does the hard work for you! Our database can be refined by the above mentioned criteria for each individual job seeker’s needs. Then the resume is distributed to approximately 1,000+ recruiters (the number of recruiters is dependent on location, profession, industry, professional levels, and current employment openings). Usually within an hour of distribution, job seekers begin to hear from recruiters.

Client feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, since it increases the resume’s exposure to people who are actually hiring. As one of our recent clients stated,

“Hi Debbie, I wanted to thank you again for suggesting the recruiter distribution service. The response far surpassed my expectations. I have my first interview today and am looking at quite a few interviews over the following couple of weeks.”
J.B., Director of Purchasing

To learn more about recruiter resume distribution for executive job candidates, contact us at (443) 977-8381 or

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