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“I truly enjoyed working with Debbie on my personal brand, her process is very collaborative and introspective. Working with her I was able to see what was unique about my skills and experience so that I can now communicate it more clearly to others. She helped me align who I am with what I want to do which I know will better position me for future success.” Ellen W.

“Debbie, It has been a great experience to work with you over most of the last year.  Thanks for teaching me a great deal with regard to personal branding and the significance of one’s own unique value proposition. I have also appreciated your efforts to move me along in this process and will remember our sessions together as positive and productive. Thank you. Best Regards, Sean S.


“Debbie’s defines the best qualities and skills of a true professional in “Executive Coaching”…Debbie invests in the most important strength that is required to be successful as an executive career coach – SEEKS TO UNDERSTAND – NOT JUST SEEK TO BE UNDERSTOOD”. Debbie’s investment in you and devotes her time to understanding your professional and personal experience and future needs in order to provide guidance in your next career opportunity to make sure it is a focused and successful pursuit. Debbie – so glad you are on my team.” Pete M.


“I have been working with Debbie over the last few months and I highly recommend her! The finished product (resume, linked in profile and cover letter) is excellent and the career coaching sessions were invaluable. Debbie has a unique way of asking insightful questions which helped me clarify my career goals. I initially contacted her for help with my resume but I ended up getting so much more!” 


“Dear Debbie, It has been a grueling month since my interview and I just found out this past Wednesday I was offered the manager position. If you recall, I applied for the regular project manager position and the manager position. I got the promotion!!! The interesting part is I was up against both current managers for the manager job. They were let go and I got the job.

Thank you Debbie for all of your help. I know my resume and cover letter helped to position me as a strong candidate.” Regards. Marta C.


“Thank you for making time for me on Tuesday. I felt very prepared, and I was able to go into the interview with confidence.  To my own surprise, I was able to weave my experiences into answers and conversations.  It was pretty cool! I met with a total of 7 people.  I kept the 4 C’s in mind, which helped me have my own game plan & feel in control. Thank you again for the emergency session!”Jenny R.

Debbie Shalom

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