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Professional Development Workshops u0026amp; Outplacement

Amazing Resumes u0026amp; Coaching Services provides private, public, non-profit, and government organizations with professional development workshops and outplacement services. Our company is dedicated to offering customers the highest level of service in the industry. The workshops we present range in size and scope. They can include up to 100+ attendees and cover multiple topics. All aspects of the workshops can be tailored to fit the employer and employees’ needs.

Our professionally led workshops are designed to assist clients with career planning, career exploration, career advancement, and career transition. Certified and experienced career coaches and trainers provide workshop attendees with comprehensive knowledge of trends and resources for various industries and professions.

Professional workshop topics include

  • How To Write An Amazing Resume and Cover Letter
  • Personal Branding: Communicating the Authentic You!
  • Executive Job Search Strategies
  • Leaders vs. Managers
  • Military to Civilian: Job Search Transition
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Job Seeking Strategies for People with Learning Disabilities
  • The Powers Of LinkedIn and Job Search
  • The Powers Of LinkedIn and Networking
  • Interview Do’s and Don’ts


Our Promise

Amazing Resumes and Career Coaching offers interactive workshops that are designed to engage the adult learner’s interest and attention. Every training workshop and PowerPoint presentation is filled with valuable and useful information that moves your employees dramatically forward in their career. Each participant receives training materials filled with practical worksheets and tips to guide them.

Whether you need a professional workshop designed for C-Level executives, mid-management, or entry-level personnel, we are here for you. Your employees also have the opportunity before or after the workshops to engage in group or one-on-one career coaching sessions.

For additional details, please contact Debbie at (443) 977-8381 or email us at

“I was searching for a Resume Writing Coach to conduct a workshop for Mom Corps’ candidates when I first met Debbie. I was immediately impressed by her warmth, knowledge and the breadth of her experience and certifications, but mostly by how she focused in on my need – helping those who have been out of the workforce create current and compelling resumes. I immediately asked Debbie to conduct a Resume Writing Workshop for Mom Corps, and it was a huge success. Debbie’s workshop combined a presentation by her with exercises, brain storming, Qu0026amp;A, critiques – as well as a discussion on current resume search technology and necessary keywords. The attendees left armed with workbooks, samples and ready to rewrite their resumes. Debbie is uniquely able to see the common themes in someone’s work and community service history – and to pull them out to tell a coherent “story” highlighting the individual’s skills and experience. And working with Debbie is a pleasure, she is extremely professional, has wonderful follow up skills, and is an extremely talented trainer. I have recommended Debbie to many candidates, friends and colleagues, and look forward to continuing our professional relationship.”


Outplacement Workshops and Career Coaching

Losing a job can be demoralizing and destructive to all invested parties. Providing outplacement coaching and career transition services to downsized employees can improve the morale of your remaining staff and minimize disruptions to productivity. Outplacement services are one way to recognize your employees’ value, contributions, and loyalty. Research has shown that providing employees with outplacement coaching and career transition services…

  • Minimizes the potential for expensive and time-consuming litigation.
  • Lessens the threat of sabotage or theft due to angry feelings.
  • Enables your company to retain a positive image in a negative situation.
  • Is ethical and responsible management that will have a positive effect on your company’s brand and future recruiting efforts.

Our Unique Value Proposition
Smart consumers recognize the difference between quality and quantity. Today, there are many companies that promise the moon in order to acquire your business, but how many of them really deliver results?

The largest outplacement providers are major corporations whose primary concern is to improve their bottom line. Our company is DIFFERENT! We are a small group of dedicated and caring resume writers and career coaches whose first priority is to provide outplacement services that ensure clients receive the individualized attention they need to conduct a successful job search campaign. Our career coaches and resume writers are industry certified and have strong track records of delivering effective career transition services. Our staff does not calculate to the penny the amount of time each customer will receive; we work according to our consciences and not just according to your budget!

Whether your organization is downsizing one person or 50, or you are a professional with a company severance package, we can design and deliver a customized outplacement plan to meet your needs.

For additional information, please contact Debbie at (443) 977-8381 or

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