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Amazing Resumes & Career Coaching Services offers superior and customized documents that emphasize a client’s value through personal branding and targeted achievement statements. Our resumes and other job search documents are original in content and format. Each document is designed to showcase your unique strengths, accomplishments, experience, and value. Whichever document you purchase – a professional resume, networking resume, cover letter, biography, or project summary- we guarantee it will be written with only you in mind.

“I got the promotion!!! Thank you Debbie for all of your help. I know my resume and cover letter helped to position me as a strong candidate.”

“Thank you for the amazing job you did on my resume and cover letter. I received an interview the day after I posted it online.”

“Wow–this resume looks great! I didn’t expect this at all. I want to thank you so much!”


Whether you are entering the job market for the first time or have 50 years of experience, we compose job search documents that deliver results! All of our resumes are created by a certified Resume Writer with many years in the resume writing industry.

Based on the information you provide every resume is strategized and designed for maximum impact. Each resume is optimized for ATS-compatible keywords and phrases, quantifiable achievements, and branded profiles. Whatever your profession or industry, we create job search resumes that target your career objective, capture your unique value, and describe how your candidacy would benefit the employer’s bottom line.

“Debbie when I read my resume the first word that comes to my brain was AMAZING! You have named your company the perfect name. You have really captured my work and me!”

Networking Resumes 

A Networking resume is an additional resource for the job seeker. This type of resume is used for networking purposes and it is usually no longer than one page. These resumes are designed to be a unique snapshot that communicates your professional value and leaves a memorable impression of who you are and what you can contribute.

“Again I have to say, I am really “blown away” by your work. The layout and everything is great. Thank you for your hard work and research.”

Cover Letters

Strategic resumes and cover letters set the stage for success. A well-written cover letter is a communication tool that complements your resume and generates interest in your job candidacy. Effective cover letters target the position you are applying for, provide a short synopsis of your strengths and skills, and end with a “call to action.”

Cover letters can also provide additional information that does not appear on your resume. A cover letter can be used to explain circumstances which could be perceived negatively, such as relocation, employment gaps, or disabilities.

“I could have never imagined such a professional resume and cover letter with which to promote myself in today’s job market. I thank you for your talent and expertise at making me sound so good. I will highly recommend Amazing Resumes to anyone I know who might need assistance. Many THANKS!”

LinkedIn Profiles

We highly recommend that our clients set up a LinkedIn profile. Today, more than ever, Human Resource departments and recruiters use social media, especially LinkedIn, to actively recruit and/or check out job candidates. They use keywords, geographical locations, endorsements, testimonials, and referrals to find people with the necessary skills and qualifications. If you do not appear on LinkedIn or your profile is incomplete, it sends a poor message to the employer.

Every LinkedIn headline and summary that we develop is written in the client’s voice, personally branded, and directed towards the client’s target audience. Since LinkedIn’s headline and summary/ about section are considered “prime real estate,” we use special research techniques to ensure these sections are optimized for the keywords that recruiters and employers are using.

“Debbie was able to synthesize my 30 years of executive experience into a dynamic and comprehensive C-Level resume. She is extremely professional and thorough in her approach, while designing a document reflecting the key factors that matter to executive recruiters. In fact, national search firms who viewed my resume thought it to be outstanding and a valuable asset to presenting my qualifications and accomplishments.” — Bob G., Chief Executive Officer

Biography/ Bio

A professional biography is a “branded” marketing document. Biographies contain personal and professional information about a client’s character, accomplishments, career history, and values. Biographies are used for many purposes and audiences – Board of Directors, press releases, speaking engagements, membership applications, and internal communications.

Biographies range in length from one paragraph to one page and are usually written in the third person. A biography’s purpose usually determines its length.

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