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In today’s employment market, job seekers gain a competitive edge when they link their value to an employer’s needs. Amazing Resumes u0026amp; Coaching Services offers superior and customized documents that emphasize a client’s value through personal branding and targeted achievement statements.

“I got the promotion!!! Thank you Debbie for all of your help. I know my resume and cover letter helped to position me as a strong candidate.”

“Thank you for the amazing job you did on my resume and cover letter. I received an interview the day after I posted it online.”

“Wow–this resume looks great! I didn’t expect this at all. I want to thank you so much!”

Our Unique Value Proposition

Our resumes and other job search documents are original in content and format. Each document is designed to showcase a client’s unique strengths, accomplishments, experience, and value. Whichever document is purchased – a professional resume, networking resume, cover letter, biography, project summary, or business card – we guarantee the highest level of professionalism.

When clients purchase one or more of our resumes and cover letters, they receive job search documents that position them for success and deliver maximum results! In order to provide the highest level of service and to understand each client’s specific career goals, we take the time to interview our clients by phone or in person. Using in-depth questioning techniques, we elicit valuable information and accomplishments that questionnaires cannot uncover. Through meaningful dialogs, our clients rediscover and articulate strengths and accomplishments that distinguish them from other job seekers and differentiate their resumes and cover letters from other job search documents.

“…I just wanted to drop a short note, to THANK YOU for your service and assistance with D.’s resume. I’m not sure if all of your clients follow up, but I felt it necessary as he received such a promising response to the resume you composed for him! We also wanted to let you know that he starts a new job with…on Monday!” Jody S.

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