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At Amazing Resumes u0026amp; Career Coaching we research and write original and keyword optimized LinkedIn headlines and summaries that communicate your personal brand. Combining your voice and words with our writing skills, we convey the “Authentic You” to your targeted audience.

Sample Headlines for LinkedIn Profile

  1. Designing sales u0026amp; marketing campaigns that drive new business, customer engagement, and revenue growth!
  2. Director of Sales and Marketing: Driving strategic initiatives to maximize business opportunities!

Sample Summary for LinkedIn Client

Continually challenging myself to go above and beyond while empowering and building teams to be their best are two valuable assets I bring as a business leader in sales u0026amp; marketing. Believing that people, whether they are customers, employees, or vendors, are a businesses’ most valuable asset, my primary goal is to communicate, lead, and facilitate engagement. Applying strategies that include team building, marketing communications, and incentives, I analyze issues and deliver results.

Some industry leaders think that sales and marketing is all about trends. I believe they are and always will be about people /consumers and personalized relationships. Digital Marketing, including optimized websites, social media, emails, and SEO, is one approach I use to build relationships, engage consumers and grow business opportunities and revenue.

As the Director of Sales u0026amp; Marketing at XYZ Corporation, I initiated and launched several digital media campaigns to boost brand awareness and customer engagement. After leading the design, launch and search engine optimization (SEO) of a new company website, I participated in compiling marketing analytics that measured performance and conversion rates. Analysis of the results verified that email subscribers grew by more than 100% in the first 2 months of launch and within 12 months the company’s social media database increased 51% (Facebook) and 97% (Twitter).

If you need a sales / marketing expert who can plan and execute multi-channel campaigns that engage consumers and convert leads to new business, then contact me at

SPECIALTIES: business leadership, sales, brand marketing, digital marketing, social media, marketing communications, business leadership, multi-channel campaigns, website optimization, SEO, trends, engagement, analytics.

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