Resume Tutoring

Resume Tutoring

In response to client requests, Amazing Resumes is now offering a one-of-its-kind resume writing tutorial and review service. For a very affordable price, we provide 1:1 tutoring for clients who have an existing resume, but need to refine its content and format to achieve better results. Our certified resume writer (who is also a former educator) will teach you how to:

  1. Identify keywords in job announcements.
  2. Compose achievement-based bullet points.
  3. Format the resume, including font types and sizes, category headings and sub-headings.

Please note that the resume tutoring service is only for clients with a “working” resume. Our resume writer meets with the client for one or two hours and provides feedback on the resume’s format, keywords, and content. The client learns to identify keywords within job announcements and then to incorporate the keywords in the resume. The client will practice writing quantifiable and achievement-based bullet points that target the job requirements. The fee for this service is an affordable $99 /hour.

For additional information or to book your resume tutoring session, please email at call us at (443) 977-8381.

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