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Staying Motivated During Your Job Search

“How do you remain motivated while looking for a job?” Being downsized or terminated from a position can be demoralizing.

Below are two tips to keep you motivated during your job search.

  • CREATE A SCHEDULE AND STICK TO IT.  I suggest you think of your job search as full-time work and designate at least 5 hours a day to your “job.” Visit prospective employers’ websites, send out e-mails, follow up leads, network and update your social media profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter) during normal working hours.
  • FIND A HOBBY.  Searching for work can be time-consuming, frustrating, and not immediately rewarding. You can spend hours filling out online applications without receiving a response. You can make 25 calls a day without landing an interview.

Instead of letting your situation bring you down, spend some time doing something you love. Even better if it is work-related! Play golf or join a book club, the former is a great networking tool and the latter will improve your knowledge and critical thinking skills. Energizing your mind and body are two great ways to stay motivated during this time.

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  1. Its very important for job seekers to stay positive and stay motivated during their job search process as they can face rejections while job search. So they need to do little hard work and try to stay motivated as possible as they can so that will land on their job successfully.

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